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Predict The Score

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Robert from was kind enough to donate two tickets to Leafs Fan Night tomorrow night. If you want to win them, put your score prediction in the post or tweet it to @mlse and whoever is right will get two tickets to the event. If no one gets it right, I'll raffle off among the participants.

The Toronto Maple Leafs face the Los Angeles Kings tonight. A team that was Now, they are all talked out:

The Kings are all talked out after rehashing their 8-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings moments after the game, while the stench was fresh, and again before they practiced Sunday.

See? They are fresh off an 8-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings which means that they will probably pull out a win tonight but their fans are much less optimistic about their long-term chances.

A Brief History of Teemu Selanne

There's a great SNL skit about how moms can never famous people's names right. This is one of the best misunderstandings.


An enjoyable listen.

2011-12 NHL Records B2B Nights

The Leafs are not very good on the second night of back-to-backs.

Experience Slava Kozlov, A Classy Hockey Player

Mislav's local club had their 50th anniversary and he got to interview Slava Kozlov.

Canucks At Leafs Recap ; The Good Old Hockey Game (5-3W)

A recap of Saturday night's game

Defensive Mistakes And Coaching Errors - The Leafs Lose Again

Not too impressed with Ron Wilson's lineup choices on Saturday

An Error Up Top

Dale Hunter hasn't soothed many worries

Did Brian Lee make David Rundblad expendable?

Only if Ottawa decided that they didn't need TWO first round busts on their blueline.

Turris for Rundblad: Ottawa Edition

Turris for Rundblad: Phoenix Edition

As we all know, trades have to be evaluated immediately. By that metric, Ottawa loses. They gave up a pick and one of their top defensive prospects for a guy that isn't any good. Long-term they might look better depending on how Turris is used and how Rundblad pans out but otherwise...another classic Bryan Murray trade.

Demonic Golf Cart Terrorizes High School Football Game

Love the guy bailing out instead of stopping the cart. I for one welcome our new golf cart overlords.

Giant Rabbits and Double Rainbows: The 10 Most Insane Delusions of Kim Jong-il

I bet those rabbits held the key.

Jesus predicted that Nephew of God Tom Brady would lead the Patriots to a win over Tim Tebow and the Broncos.