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Links Brunch

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Things have been a bit lax around here at PPP as we're all on holidays and spending time with family and friends. I just noticed that there wasn't any FTB put up until just now, so I've piled together a few links. It's not your usual big breakfast of links, but it's not quite lunch, and you get a slice of cantaloupe at the end. Still, a good meal.

If you've got any more links, feel free to throw them in the comments.

Reimer yanked early as Leafs serve post-Christmas turkey in Florida
From David Shoalts at the Globe.

Ron Wilson's usage of Bozak and Grabovski
Cam Charron compares the Leafs' top two centers to other teams'. From The Leafs Nation.

Will the Leafs ever regret trading Kris Vertseeg?
Will they ever not? From Michael Langlois.

Weekly Fenwick Power Rankings - Arctic Ice Hockey
Toronto sits 22nd. From Hawerchuk.

Burke’s admonishments come a little late
Whatever. From Ryan Lambert at Backhand Shelf.

The Quiet Room Explained
From Jo Innes at Backhand Shelf.

Pizzo’s Points: A Twitter Christmas Miracle
Again from Backhand Shelf.