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Reimer's Back, Back Again

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James Reimer has been cleared by doctors to play and is expected to back-up Jonas Gustavsson tonight in Boston. Reimer, when asked by the G&M's James Mirtle about his return, could hardly contain his happiness:

"I'm ecstatic," Reimer said. "You know, I love to play. This is what I love to do. To be able to get back in the lineup and even just back practising was great."

With Colby Armstrong nearing a return as well, it appears the Leafs are closing in on a mostly healthy roster. Hopefully the Leafs can run off a string of games without losing anyone else to IR.

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Edit: Forgive birky for the use of "His Holiness" to describe one of the better goaltenders in the game of hockey. He's from North Carolina.

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