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Leafs at Bruins Part Deux: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

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Who: Toronto Maples Leafs (14-9-2; 30pts; 2nd in NE Division) at Boston Bruins (15-7-1; 31pts; 1st in NE Division)

What: Game #26 of the Leafs 2011-12 season, and because the NHL schedule makers are tards, the 4th meeting between these two teams so far this season. Seriously an in-division rival and we don't play them again until March? The hell?

Where: TD Gahden in Bawstahn, Massachusettsthereguy.

When: 7:00pm on CBC HNIC (America's hat), NESN (Boston Amurrica), GCL, CentreIce, your mom's TV.

Why: Because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Tonight's game is just like Wednesday's game, only it's in Boston, and James Reimer is backing up Gustavsson instead of Ben Scrivens. YO F THAT NOISE! REIMER'S STARTING BITCHES!

Your lineup, I think:

Lupul - Bozak - Kessel

Frattin - Connolly - MacArthur

Kulemin - Grabovski - Crabb

Colborne - Steckel - Rosehill

Phaneuf - Gunnarsson

Gardiner - Schenn

Liles - Franson

Gustavsson Reimer

Reimer Gustavsson

Scratches: Dupuis (sucks), Orr (sucks), Aulie (let the wookie sit out), Brown (backiotomy), Komisarek (broken arm), Armstrong (Connollyngus).

Leafs need a win in regulation tonight to prevent Boston from clinching the season series, and hopefully they get it. The trick will be keeping puck out of their own net as Boston has lit the Leafs up for 19 goals(6, 7, 6) in their previous three meetings. For a little perspective, no other team has scored more than 5 goals against the Leafs this season. For some more, those 19 goals account for nearly a quarter (24%) of the Leafs goals against this year in only an either of their games (12%). Yeah, Boston has the Leafs' number and have been busy writing it on the walls of seedy truckstop bathroom stalls:


The Leafs need to find their happy place tonight if they want to emerge with two points, hopefully they can do so.