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Good Guys Win 10-2

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It doesn't take too critical of an eye to figure out any number of problems with the way that the Under-20 World Junior Championships are run. You can probably even come up with a bunch that don't even focus on Canada: federations more interested in politics than icing the best team, the timing of the tournament killing promoted countries, and ummm...well, to be honest, I started thinking and most of them centred around Canada.

Canada so far has won all three games by a combined score of 23-3. The sad part is that Finland, a real hockey country, is included amongs those notches on the ol' Canadian belt. Neate Sager highlights five big issues that he has with the tournament as it stands now which have changed since the 90s. My most vivid memories are the round robin years when each game seemed tenser and the tournament was usually overseas so you had the games in the morning and Team Canada wasn't a lock to win. Maybe it's the quintessential Canadian complaint to be upset that things set up too easily for success but those first golds after droughts seem shinier.

Point being, let's get over ourselves. This is not a love of hockey thing; it's a blinding interest in loving to see Canada win thing. And loving to see the United States lose like it did today against Finland. Let's call it what it is. Trust me, very few in Buffalo last January, especially the guy who was punching the shuttered door of one of the concession stands as the crowd filed out, were in awe of the game after Russia made a stirring five-goal comeback in last year's final. Good thing that young man chose to accessorize that day by wearing his favourite hockey gloves.

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