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Ron Wilson Has Him Swim Trunks

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The Flip-Flops of Maple Leafs' Coach Ron Wilson - James Mirtle at the Globe and Mail

We all know the history behind Wilson saying he told Gustavsson would be starting, but then started Reimer, so I'm not going to quote that bit of James' piece. The part I want to highlight is this:

Beyond the why, however, presenting misinformation on purpose enters all sorts of other grey areas.

Are there ethical implications involved? Or even ones of poor sportsmanship?

In the NFL, for example, teams are fined for inaccurately reporting injuries, part of a policy instituted in 1947 that, in many ways, is related to gambling on games.

One prominent recent example of its use was the $125,000 (U.S.) the New York Jets paid for hiding the fact quarterback Brett Favre had a torn biceps tendon in 2008.

While the NHL doesn’t have a specific set of guidelines when it comes to truth telling, deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Sunday that being outright dishonest is frowned upon.

"I’m not sure there is a policy, per se," Daly said. "But certainly we tell clubs that they are not entitled to ‘lie’ to the media."

Particularly with the sports betting part, James has a great point. I'd bet the over with Gustavsson in net, but not Reimer (especially with either Rask or Thomas in the other net) as would most others. I particularly don't care whether or not journalist like Damien Cox get butthurt over Wilson being dishonest with them, but I do care about possible accusations of bet fixing. For that reason, I can see the NHL instituting the policy Bill Daly says they currently lack. Your thoughts?

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