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Oh Boy. Just What I Always Wanted.

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More games against the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning? What the hell!?

Plenty of links today about last night's game, but naturally, a lot of chatter is about the realignment. Quoth Bettman:

"Frankly it's not the seventh and eighth teams that are competing for a playoff spot," Bettman said. "When you look at the map of North America, it's not geographic perfection so we're looking for something that makes the most sense and most fans and most clubs as comfortable as possible."

It's not the end of the world, but I think a reorganization to accommodate Winnipeg didn't have to be such a complete overhaul.

Leafs Links:

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Cam Charron takes a look.

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Michael Langlois' take on last night's game.

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Mislav Jantoljak with his take over at MLHS.

Did Ron Wilson Lie To The Toronto Media? If So, Does It Matter?
No, not really. But here's Jonathan Willis with his say, anyway.

Weekend Recap: Marlies Win 1-of-3
Kyle The Reporter has the rundown.

Shop Til You Drop
Andrew at Puck Buddies has his say on the transformation of the old Gardens.

Searching for Bobby Ryan
Oh yeah, Jon Steitzer at Puckin' Eh still wants him.

Toronto Maple Leafs End Rangers Streak At Five
Bryan Winters with a recap of last night's game at Blueshirt Banter.

Maple Leafs snap Rangers’ win streak with 4-2 victory
Rachel Cohen recaps the game at the Globe via the Associated Press.

Other Hackey Links:

How does the new NHL realignment impact teams’ travel?
Wyshynski has a look at each team's average distance to travel.

NHL realignment? More like this is just dumb, amirite?
Loser Domi has her say at Barry Melrose Rocks.

The Cost of Major Realignment Isn’t Worth Shorter Flights
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Is Alexander Ovechkin a coach killer?
The latest from DGB.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
More good stuff from Ron Pizzo and some other guy.

The Cost of Major Realignment Isn’t Worth Shorter Flights
Justin Bourne explains why at Backhand Shelf.

Boston University Doctor to Answer Readers' Questions About Boogaard
Go ahead and submit your questions about C.T.E..

Was Alex Ovechkin on Steroids?
Dirty Dangle has a 'gotta ask the question' sort of situation.

An Overview of PDO
From pho king awesome at his blog The Silver Fox.