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A Call For Questions

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As the blogging world lays siege to the ivory towers of professional journalism (and the dinosaurs therein), there are periodically some noble and righteous men and women caught in the crossfire. You see, it is with great zeal that we, of PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries and Kitten Ranch LLC, attack what we have come to know as "the mainstream media" and its mouthpieces, but we do so without (much) first-hand knowledge of what a day in their shoes is actually like. Some of these people do wonderful work, and it's time we heard their tales.

Two such non-partisan print professionals (nPPPers, we might call them) are James Mirtle and Jonas Siegel, and they have graciously agreed to chat with us about life as a Toronto Maple Leafs beat reporter in a podcast that will be recorded this weekend.

So. Toss your questions in the thread, and we'll sift through them and hopefully have the pertinent ones answered.