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Phaneuf's Been a Big Hit This Year

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Dion Phaneuf Becomes a Hit by Taking Fewer of Them - James "The Turtle" Mirtle at the Globe and Mail

"He (Phaneuf)used to, wherever you’d pass the puck, if he didn’t get a hit, he’d chase the puck," Wilson recalled. "We thought as long as you had your head up, you could entice him into running around a little bit.

"Especially in the neutral zone. He was always looking for a hit."

While Phaneuf’s improvement in Toronto wasn’t immediate, slowly but surely he has got better in his own end. And, after 120 games as a Leaf, the coaching staff relies on him to kill penalties and face opponents’ top lines every night.

His offensive contributions have also begun to return, as he sits third in team scoring behind Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul entering Friday’s game against the Washington Capitals.

Since the all-star break last season, Phaneuf has produced at a 59-point pace – on par with his best season with the Flames – in part because he passes more and misses the net less than before.

In short Flames unable to properly coach young, elite talent into a well rounded NHLer and are "forced" to trade him. El oh freaking el. More links after the jump.

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