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Who Own Da Leafs?

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No I do not want to add any of your shitty channels! I just want to get the services I am paying for!
No I do not want to add any of your shitty channels! I just want to get the services I am paying for!

When the news broke that Rogers and Bell were working together to buy the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan's almost 80% share in MLSE I have to admit that I was pretty shocked. First off, seeing Rogers and Bell coordinate is pretty jarring. But I have always been a skeptic about the OTPP selling their share of MLSE. It's an asset that generates a lot of cash for them and the report that they were looking to develop a regional television network seemed to confirm my initial thought that the OTPP was more interested in getting a sense of the market value of their share before focusing on maximizing their return. While the OTPP has an underfunded pension obligation and a few high-profile investment write-offs recently, I didn't think that the Golden Goose would ever be sold. Then again, it still might not be.

Both sides are just in negotiations, the process has been reported to be close before, regulatory approval might be needed, BCE has to sell their share of the filthy Habs, and the NHL has to approve the sale so there's plenty of hoops to jump through. Of course, there's still that fan led group! Remember their prospectus is just around the corner and they have millions in 'commitments'! Until then, we have a lot of jokes. After the jump, I've collected some of the best

Hey Toronto sports fans, you hate having a Pension Plan own the Leafs? Well, now the 2 companies you probably hate most own them instead! - TheKidCanada

Apparently Rogers and Bell want a monopoly on the most valuable/hated brands in Canada.- 67Sound

looks like Pension Plan Puppets might need a new name. suggestion: SLAVES OF GIGANTICORP, INC.- SuicidePass

The only thing that could be more depressing for a Torontonian is if somehow the TTC had gone in on this deal with Bell and Rogers.- TheKidCanada

Rogers totally reasonable pricing on cell phones gives my utmost confidence #TFC season seats will only be raised 2-3,000% next year.-24thMinute

Seems fitting Bell and Rogers are buying MLSE. They're all worth a lot, charge too much and do nothing- SensTown

Rogers and Bell buying the OTPP stake in MLSE? I hope I can bundle tickets with my cable, internet and phone- DirtyDangle

"And is this the part of your business plan where you make more money by losing?" - Things nobody said during the Bell/Rogers negotiations.- DownGoesBrown

Wondering if the OTPP does sell its stake in MLSE, will Rogers and Bell each own 39.8% or will one evil monopoly get a larger stake?- MForbes37

Does this mean we get to call ineffective CSRs when Cody Franson screens his own goalie? Because I will.- Ryantologist

im not sure what surprises me more: BCE and Rogers buying Leafs or the Toronto Sun getting a scoop.- Hockeyesque

Two media outlets are buying the Leafs? The quality of reporting is going to soar.- Archizuber

So if a #Leafs player wants to be traded to another team will he have to first talk to the "retention" dept. before leaving?- Flag_King

Rogers and Bell buy Leafs? Boy, if the media was Leafs-centric before...- Sens_Adnan

Bell and Rogers releasing new Leafs phone package. They say it's amazing but comes with terrible contracts+poor coverage in all zones.-HabsLaughs

Bell/Rogers buying the Leafs would be great news for Mike Zigomanis, should they offer employees of the Leafs discounts on photo messaging.- Hail_Grabovski

*makes bland joke about @mlse having to change the site name*-LexLupul

Rogers, the wealthiest ownership group in MLB, won't spend on players until attendance comes up, but fans won't go unless the team wins. So I guess they wanted a piece of a team where people show up unconditionally even if they don't do squat.- TheKidCanada

I hope Rogers' stake in both the Leafs and Jays means Team Unit becomes the official ownership group.- Archizuber

In an attempt to keep up with the competition, Wind Mobile is sponsoring a men's league team.- Ryantologist

Next I'm waiting for the headline "Leafs and Habs decide to join forces to win the Cup together."- Steve_Dangle

Geez, that mlse sale price is seven Albert Pujols.- GloBlair.

Before we all get too excited about this Leafs/Rogers/Bell deal, let's wait and see what David Stern has to say - DownGoesBrown