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Mouth Guards Rejoice!

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Another one bites the dust.
Another one bites the dust.

Mouth guards in the GTA will rest easy knowing that public enemy number one Kris Versteeg will no longer be chomping their friends, relatives, or neighbors anymore. He's moved on to greener pastures.

If you're not a mouth guard, however, it's hard to feel overly optimistic about Versteeg's departure to Philly. Our friend mf37 put it rather succinctly when he said that

the Leafs traded a salary-controlled 24 year old who’s consistently scored 20+ goals throughout his career for a draft pick that’s unlikely to turn into a consistent 20 goal scorer and the opportunity to overspend on a thin and overpriced UFA market.

Of course, it will be nice to say the words "Leafs' first round pick", but at the rate talent is leaving this team, our second round pick shouldn't be far off Philly's first anyway. Sigh.

More trade analysis in your morning links after the jump.

Leaf (Versteeg) Links:

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"It’s a tad confounding why the Leafs would part with a player of Versteeg’s age and versatile skill-set..."

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Mirtle with a few quotes from last night's conference call.

Bruins the last team Kessel wants to see

He's got one point in nine games against the B's. From Mirtle.

Burke's deal signals emphasis on July 1
Correction: Burke's deal signals dependance on July 1st.

Versteeg Philly Bound, More Stuff Cooking
Xterratu decides he doesn't like the deal either.

Quick Q&A with Dave Morrison on Jake Gardiner
MLHS runs a few questions by The Leafs' Head of Amateur Scouting.

Versteeg a Flyer
For the record, Jon S over at Puckin' Eh isn't a fan of this deal.

Burke weighs in on Lemieux's statement
He says that the suspensions were adequate. Total bollocks, if you ask me, but then, who knows if that's actually what he thinks.

Why can’t the Leafs get over the hump this season?
They're not humping hard enough!

Burke Eyes Future With Versteeg Deal
"This was the best offer we had" Burke says. Yeah, but we didn't have to make the trade.

Toronto Maple Leafs Legends: Daniel Marois
Joe Pelletier reflects.

Maple Leafs fans unhappy with Kris Versteeg trade - Broad Street Hockey
Check out the Flyers fan reaction to the deal.

Peter Laviolette talks about Kris Versteeg trade
From Broad St. Hockey.

 LD takes in a game
She's posted a few photos and notes on the Leafs' tilt against the Lightning

Other Hockey Links:

Wyshynski's 3 Stars
Plus, honorable/dishonorable mentions, and a highlight of an embarrassing goal on Luongo.


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