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Leafs at Bruins: Low Scorin'

7PM ET: Sportsnet Ontario
James Reimer vs. Tim Thomas

I think we're all a little cranky because of the Versteeg trade so I won't mention that the only time the Leafs beat the Bruins this year it was his goal that forced OT. Oops. We know who the Bruins are and what they do so I'm going to throw up some quick facts I looked up this morning:

  • Phil Kessel has a 10.0% career shooting percentage and a 7.9% SPCT this season. He's been the recipient of some brutal puck luck this year.
  • Kessel hasn't scored in 14 games but he's taken 58 shots in that span. The chance that someone with a 10% shot doesn't score in 58 shots? 1 in 450. Oof.
  • If Kessel takes 5 shots tonight without scoring that chance will be up to 1 in 730.
  • The Bruins are 2-0-1 against the Leafs this year but have only scored 6 goals. Boston's won 2-0 and 2-1 and lost in the shootout 3-2.

This doesn't mean Kessel's due for a goal, and I certainly wouldn't put money down that his drought ends in Boston with 18,000 people booing him, but it'd be pretty nice. Cross your fingers Reimer holds the B's to a pair and the Leafs take two points into Buffalo tomorrow. Go Leafs go.