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Brian Burke Obliquely Talks About Possible Tomas Kaberle Trade

Brian Burke on 98.5 The Sports Hub 

(audio link)

Brian Burke was on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston yesterday in anticipation of the Maple Leafs' 4-3 win over the Bruins. This is the appearance that spawned the duelling rumours that Toronto was talking trade with Boston (true) and that Tomas Kaberle had waived his no trade clause to go to Boston (not quite true). I think it's a good one to listen to in order to get a true sense of what Burke was saying.

Among other things, Burke discussed the following:

  • The Phil Kessel trade (of course) and his belief that the Leafs have won and will win the deal. I especially liked his point that the GM that initiated the trade cannot complain if things don't work out.
  • His admiration of Peter Chiarelli as well as the possibility of trading with him one more time. Burke mentions that he's not worried about dealing with Chiarelli.
  • Whether the trade discussions involved the Leafs' first rounder (spoiler: of course not).
  • Burke then went on to a pretty tortured answer about whether Tomas Kaberle was being discussed. Listen to it and see if you come to the same conclusion as the hosts.
  • Mario Lemieux and his comments, fighting, head shots.
  • The Penguins-Islanders game compared to Montreal-Boston. The long and the short of it is that he agrees with Ryan Lambert. Damn.