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Out of the Draft Lottery, and Into the Playoff Race!

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Wooooo! Crab Man!
Wooooo! Crab Man!

Oh, who am I kidding? The Leafs hardly stand any chance at all of making the post-season. Let's just be thankful that they moved ahead of the Florida Panthers to slide into 25th overall, and now sit only one point behind The Colorado Avalanche for 24th. 

There are optimistic game recaps a plenty today, so I'll cut right to our favorite member of the mainstream media, James Mirtle, who has one of the better quotes on the season from Joey Crabb:

The goal was Crabb’s first of the season and first since March of 2009, a span nearly as long as Toronto’s drought in Buffalo.

"I don’t know, I blacked out there for a little bit," Crabb joked of his goal, as his teammates cracked jokes around him. "I was pretty happy with that, get that off my back and it was a big goal to help the team out."

Follow me for more fun and frivolity after the jump.

Leaf Links:

Schenn, Leafs Snap 7-Game Buffalo Slide
Siegel has a recap, an audio interview with Joey Crabb, and a few other notes on the game.

Leafs' Giguere injured against Sabres
For those of you who haven't heard, Giggy left after the first period last night with a "lower body injury". There's a pretty strong likelihood that he's re-aggravated that groin injury.

Game In 10 – Game 58
Xterratu with another game review.

Crabb nets first, Leafs crack Sabres in Buffalo
The game review from Ryan Fancey and Alec Brownscombe over at MLHS.

Post-Game Reflections at Vintage Leaf Memories
The Leafs buck the Punch Imlach curse for a game, and Michael Langlois wonders about the effects of the departure of Kris Versteeg.

Nyeah Nyeah, Nyeah Nyeah Nyeah.
Phil Kessel busted the hell out of that slump. Also, Gary Roberts: Baby Eater thinks that Kaberle is having to put up with more than he should. (A side note: he gets paid $4.25M a season and is a professional hockey player. He can cry himself to sleep on a pile of money and fame.)

Battle Of Ontario: From Denny's, with Love.
The Muppet had to celebrate last night's win.

Other Hockey Links:

Hockey still searching for a concussion code
Dave Shoalts and James Mirtle team up to explain why the NHL needs to change its entire approach to handling on-ice head injuries.

Det-Chi Passing and Fenwick %
More good work from Hawerchuk at Behind the Net.

Wednesday's Three Stars
Wyshynski with a few thumbs up and down.

NHL Roundup: A look at Wednesday's games
If you've still got hope for getting out of the bottom five (you should) or the playoffs (you probably shouldn't), you should be keeping tabs on who's hot and cold.

Habs Acquire Mara
The Montreal Canadiens have acquired Paul Mara for a 5th round pick. OK, this isn't exactly huge news, but it's still worth noting. Head over to Habs Eyes on the Prize for a fan's reaction.

Lowetide has a few thoughts on youngsters, but also mentions that he now has a radio show, and is accepting questions to be fielded by his first guest Gabriel Desjardins, of Behind the Net.

Atlanta hamstrings future Winnipeg owners with Byfuglien contract
Winnipeg smugness aside, do you think Byfuglien is overpaid?


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