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Sens at Leafs: Ugly Hockey Incoming

Getty Images

James Reimer vs. Craig Anderson

The Sens have been selling off middling assets like Mike Fisher, Chris Kelly and Jarkko Ruutu while Toronto has moved out Tomas Kaberle, Francois Beauchemin and Kris Versteeg.

The Senators moved Brian Elliott to Colorado for tonight's starter Craig Anderson, seen here before his emergency "birds and the bees talk, while the Leafs' goaltending situation is somehow weirder. J.S. Giguere is injured, Jonas Gustavsson hasn't played well all season and Jussi Rynnas is hurt.

This means that tonight's starter is the rookie James Reimer and he'll be backed up by Ben Scrivens. If you predicted that in September stop worrying about hockey, go get rich trading commodities, buy the Leafs and then run their amateur scouting. Thanks.

One nice thing about not having our own first pick is that there's no reason for the Leafs to tank. As a fan I have to believe that the Leafs have a chance at making a miracle run until they're mathematically eliminated from the playoffs and ignoring what's best for the future I like watching my team win.

We can only hope that Ottawa, cushioned by the pillow of owning their own first, is ready to tank hard. Go Leafs go.