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Grabovski Is The Man

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Hey you guys! Get over him and tell Grabbo how much you love him.
Hey you guys! Get over him and tell Grabbo how much you love him.

See? I told you there was no need to fear a Southeast opponent on a Tuesday night. Also of great note? Mikhail Grabovski is now tied for 14th in goals league wide. Hells yeah!

Grabovski: Illusion or Future Difference-Maker? - Vintage Leaf Memories

Even as he started this season well, I was reluctant to embrace him.  I received a number of e-mails and comments on my post, from readers who really liked Grabbo and others like myself who were still not convinced that he had what it takes—or just simply didn’t much like him as a player.

Fast forward to the present (yet more production in Tuesday night's win against Florida) , and we have a guy who should have been, in my mind at least (and as I’ve stressed here before) the player representing the Maple Leafs at this past weekend’s All-Star game.  He has been the Leafs’ most consistent offensive threat, and someone who has played with more tenacity than I thought he possessed.

VLM is a Certified Grabbo Lover. More links after the jump.

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