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Winter Doldrums Getting To You?

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If so, please enjoy this photo of Brett Lebda being thrown into the glass. I hope it makes your day a little sunnier; it sure put a smile on my face.

In the Land of Leaf-Related Links there is precious little to choose from, but the one I'm featuring above the jump today is from Dave Shoalts. In the first paragraph, he mentions that

Brian Burke intimated the other day that players on the Toronto Maple Leafs’ roster need not worry unduly about being moved during the last seven days leading up to the NHL trade deadline.

This is news to me, though of course, it's not to say that Burke is averse to adding a player by dealing away some of the picks the Leafs hold for the upcoming draft. The article then goes on to explain that Burke isn't finished changing the team's personnel. Whoa! Newsflash!

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Leaf-Related Links:

Kaberle: Closure—finally; and what I’ll miss about Tomas
Michael Langlois of Vintage Leaf Memories is in the 'mourning' phase.

Fight of the year candidate
Do you need any reason beyond the title itself to click on this link?

How the League Would Look if Shutouts Never Occurred
I'm the first to admit that this is a strange idea to consider, but I had to look anyway. It's why my friends call me whiskers.

Can't Stop This Ephesian: Tomas Kaberle, Kris Versteeg, and the Plan

An article by jrwendelman about hockey and ancient Greek philosophy.

Other Hockey Links:

Stat Nerd Sunday: The West's best, worst at winning close games
"Welcome to Stat Nerd Sunday, where we occasionally obsess over hockey numbers like a Dungeon Master obsessing over the level of his warrior elf." A new segment over at Puck Daddy.

Don Cherry's reign continues at the CBC
He's signed an extension of his contract that carries through till at least the 2012 playoffs.

Grading the Heritage Classic's Spectator Plaza/orgy of commerce
I haven't watched the game, and I'm not likely to read this whole article, but I know that some of you will take at least a passing interest at what happened in Calgary. Also, it has lots of pictures, which is good.

Flames freeze out Habs
Duhatschek makes it out to be a rather boring game, but at least the hometown crowd wouldn't argue.

I'm Saving Hockey: A BTN February 20th Recap
For those of you not aware, Behind the Net is run by two people: Gabriel Desjardins (known as Hawerchuk on SBN), Benjamin Wendorf (a.k.a. Ben Gary Bettman's Nightmare), and now, Ben's grandfather has joined the site.

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