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Mystery D-Man Day!

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That's right boys and girls, today is Mystery D-Man Day! Or for those of you not fans of the Maple Leafs, Tuesday.

Burke Hunting for Blueline Help - Eat. Sleep. Leafs.

"We're trying to add by tomorrow if we can," said Burke, who has indicated a willingness to move the hoarded draft picks. "We're trying to put a player in the lineup that can help us as soon as possible.

"We’ve done the major surgery as far as what we need to do, but we’ve still got a couple things we’d like to do."

Much of the rationale behind the Beauchemin swap was the readiness of 21-year-old Keith Aulie and while Carl Gunnarsson performed more than adequately in Kaberle’s place on Saturday, a deal for additional help on the backend is of top priority according to Burke.

"We’ve had some discussions about forwards we have to consider, but it’s not our priority," he said. "Our priority would be adding a defenseman."

Who's it going to be? Stay tuned to find out!

Balanced Zone Shift - Single Season Leaders


Over the years, the Leafs have had nobody in the Best column and a whole lot in the Worst.

Brian Burke Keeps Finger on Trigger

Mirtle with his take on Burke seeking to acquire a blueliner by tonight.

Players to Watch at the NHL Trade Deadline

Fingers crossed for Zach Bogosian being our wild card.

Kent Douglas - A Valuable 5th Defenseman

VLM takes us on the trip in the Way Back Machine to a time when the Leafs were good.

What Do We Really Know About Bob?

A great Fanpost over at Broad Street Hockey about how long it takes goaltenders to establish themselves.


Was Goligosky Worth It?

Check out some fan reaction to James Neal and Matt Niskanen being traded for Alex Goligoski over at Defending Big D.


Injury Update From Jonas Siegel

Armstrong's back, Brown's back, and a bit on Gustavsson and Lebda