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A Statue! A Statue!

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Build a bridge out of him?
Build a bridge out of him?

PPP Rabble: A statue! A statue! We found a statue! Can we erect it!?

Sir Hawerchuk: But, how do you know he is a statue?

JP: BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE ONE! (There are many cheers from the surrounding rabble.)

Sir Hawerchuk: Bring him forward.

James Reimer: I'm not a statue! I'm NOT a statue!

Sir Hawerchuk: But you are grey like one!

James Reimer: THEY dressed me up like this! (There are lots of people looking at the sky, some shake their heads.)

SkinnyFish: Well, we did do the nose. And the grey paint. But he IS A STATUE! (More cheers from the PPP rabble.)

Sit Hawerchuk: Did you dress him up like this?

PPP Rabble: NO! No! NO! Yes. Well, a bit. A BIT.

birky: He has got grey eyes!

Sir Hawerchuk: What makes you think he is a statue?

PPP: He's turned into stone! ...Well, he got better.


Sir Hawerchuk: There are ways of telling whether he is a statue!

Chemmy: Tell us! Tell us!

Sir Hawerchuk:

We have 13 comps since 1995 - goalies who were called up and posted a .925 save percentage or better in their first 15 games.  But over their next 60 games, they posted a very pedestrian .906 save percentage, which would seem to be a huge disappointment for guys who started out so hot.  Given that the difference between an All-Star .920 goaltender and a replacement level .900 goaltender is one goal every other game, 15 games is not a large enough sample size to be confident in a goaltender's abilities - one out of every six .900 goalies will out-perform a .920 goalie over a 15-game stretch.

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Other Hockey Links:

Concussion specialist calls for dramatic change in ‘the culture of the game’
Dr. Charles Tator continues crusade to protect players' brains at first Hockey Safety Summit. From Roy MacGregor at the Globe and Mail.

Wednesday's Three Stars
From Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy.


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