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All Quiet on the Northern Front

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Hey Burkie! When do I get my centerman? (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Hey Burkie! When do I get my centerman? (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Those of you who have been anxious for Brian Burke to pull off more deals will likely have to wait another 48 hours.  The Leafs have yet to make a highly anticipated move for a top four defenseman, and it's doubtful they would do so today or tomorrow, considering they play both days.  There has also been chatter of potentially trading Clarke MacArthur should he and the Leafs not be able to agree to an extension this weekend.  I'm not sure they will trade Clarky Mark should he not sign an extension, but I'll say this (please note this is pure speculation on my part): it's very interesting that there seems to be a deadline on getting a deal for MacArthur done.  Considering his RFA status, the only conclusion I can reach is that Burke already has a solid offer on the table.  Otherwise why set at a deadline at all?

The good news is that the Leafs are focused on the games this weekend, and not on the trade deadline.  James Mirtle of the G&M has the story:

...optimism is the theme among the Leafs players, who are now talking far less about who will get shipped out before the deadline than trying to stun the hockey world by coming from 14 points back a month ago.

"The whole group here is really excited to be in the race," winger Fredrik Sjostrom said. "We're not in a playoff spot yet, but we can feel it in our grasp. We feel we can get it."

The Leafs need to finish this weekend with at least 3 points.  If they do that, they'll be in pretty good shape entering Death March.  Links after the jump...

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