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Anyone up for a matinée?

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The Leafs are in the southeast this morning, gearing up for a 5:00pm bout with the Atlanta Thrashers.  During their last visit to the city, Toronto was able to put nine goals past the Thrasher's over-matched goaltenders.  Since then Atlanta has gone a measly 3-10-5 and nearly fallen out of the playoff picture.  Ondrej Pavelec has plummeted back to Earth with a sub .900 save percentage over the past two months, while Dustin Byfuglien has only five points in that same span.  The Thrashers aren't playing good hockey right now, and Toronto needs to exploit that.  A win today would move the Leafs to within three points of the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference and set up a pretty wild run to the finish.  And with the trade deadline only 32 hours away, expect lots of rumors and chatter today.  I'd say it's doubtful the Leafs make a move before tomorrow, but you never know.  The real question is: are the Leafs buyers or sellers?

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