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Lucky Number 13

That's realistically the maximum amount of points the Leafs can drop over their remaining 19 games and still make the playoffs. Carolina currently sits in the coveted 8th seed in the East with 67 points in 63 games. The Hurricanes are on pace to finish with 87, which would be the lowest point total for a playoff team since the New York Islanders finished 8th with 83 points in 2003 when the league still allowed a tie as an outcome for a game, making 88 points the total needed to surpass their current pace.

Today the Leafs have 63 points and would need to pick up an additional 25 before the close of the season to reach the necessary* 88. That means a record of 12-6-1 from here on out, or for you percentage people, a .658 points percentage. Fortunately, the Leafs find themselves riding a hot streak with a record of 5-1-4 over their last 10 games, that's a .700 points percentage.

Now I'm not saying it's likely that the Leafs will drop 13 or less points throughout Death March and Apocalypse April, but if this team reaches 88 points, you're going to see some serious shit.