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Hurricanes at Leafs: Game 5 of the Southeast Bonanza

James Reimer vs. Cam Ward

First I'd like to say that this image is hilarious and I couldn't avoid using it. In no way do I or the rest of our editorial staff condone dog fighting unless they're wearing adorably small boxing gloves or are introduced with fireworks and coordinated music before performing coordinated fake moves.

Tonight will see the Reimnocerous take on Eric Staal's jerk buddy Cam Ward. Who on the Leafs will take the first dumb penalty running Eric Staal for slighting Toronto and Phil Kessel or retaliating on Tim Gleason for his punch on Nikolai Kulemin? Watch the game tonight so you can choose from tomorrow's headlines: "Gutless Leafs don't stand up for Kessel and Kulemin" or "Dumb Leafs start brawl; finish losers".

The Leafs rode into the All Star Break having lost three in a row to the Southeast. Since the All Star Break they won one in a row against the Southeast. I like the way that's trending.