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Jonas Gustavsson Sent to the AHL

Jonas Gustavsson has been cleared for a conditioning stint with the AHL's Toronto Marlies. Per the CBA he can stay down for two weeks without having to clear waivers.

Gustavsson showed flashes of brilliance his rookie year but his sophomore campaign has been well below expectations. Gustavsson's being outplayed by rookie arrival James Reimer and a conditioning stint is a good way to get the Monster into the net to face some shots.

The thing is Gustavsson will be sharing the net with Jussi Rynnas. Rynnas has struggled a little of late though that's not unexpected given the gaudy numbers he was posting earlier in the season. What happens if Gustavsson can't play to the level that Reimer and Rynnas and Scrivens play at in the AHL? If Gustavsson has confidence issues and struggles in the AHL he might not be coming back.