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Packers Win, Yet Wisconsin Boy Kessel Not Happy

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While the Pack were laying the beat down on the Steelers, there was some big trouble in brewing in Little Toronto:

Phil Kessel Sounds Off Against Coach - James Mirtle

Asked Sunday whether Wilson has offered any advice given his struggles, Kessel offered some troubling insight into how the dynamic with his coach works.

"No, me and Ron don’t really talk," Kessel told a group of reporters after practice. "So that’s all I’ve got to say about that."

Wilson was only slightly more enlightening on the subject.

"Phil doesn’t really want to talk much about goal scoring or even work on it that much in practice," Wilson said. "It’s kind of a ‘touch’ thing. So he comes and goes into these hot streaks, cold streaks."

Kessel seems to more have a problem with the personnel Burke has assembled around him rather than how Wilson using him. Although playing with both Boyce and Crabb isn't going to do much for you in the whole scoring goals department. Regardless I think this is the opening verse to Ron Wilson's swan song with the Toronto Maple Leafs because Phil Kessel isn't going anywhere and neither is Burke.

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