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Choose Your Own FTB

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Hey, guess who was supposed to write one for today...yeah, yeah, yeah. Toss links to whatever Leafs/NHL news you're reading and share with the group.


Ron Wilson decided that rather than punish Phil Kessel because he thinks he hasn't focused on the smaller aspects of the game that he would try to pull him out of his slump with better linemates:

As Wilson noted recently as part of his ongoing Obscure Stats Watch, the Leafs had a 16-8-3 record when Kessel was even or better in the plus-minus category before tonight. And what the coach didn't mention is that Toronto was 8-0-0 when he's a plus player, which improved to 9-0-0 after tonight.

Last night he got to play with the Means of Production (sorry Clarke, you're not Russian enough) and had a good night. He would have scored if Grabovski hadn't skillfully glided the puck in on the powerplay or if Kulemin hadn't been hooked with the net empty. The kid needs confidence and hopefully this move will help. Oh, and Obscure Stats Watch is now officially a section on this site.

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