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Ding Dong! The Mitch wears Blue, White, and RED!

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Yesterday afternoon, Brian Burke scored with a buzzer beater to trade John Mitchell to the New York Rangers for a seventh-round draft pick. After what was a relatively quiet deadline day, expensive champagne was uncorked, fine bottles of single-malt whiskey were shared, and later, several Colt 45's were slammed down, as the executives of Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment Limited celebrated the lifting of a plague. 

In a moment of levity, Brian Burke, the proud, new owner of dazzling, ruby-encrusted (if ill-fitting) ruby high-heels joked to reporters of The Globe and Mail:

"He played some good hockey here and I want to thank him for that and wish him well,"

What a joker.

Seriously though, we all know John F. Mitchell was no longer a part of the problem with this organization, but I'd still like to applaud Burke's handling of yesterday's trade deadline. There was no mortgaging of the future, no lowering of the bar to send off anyone who can still help this team now, and if one person had to go, John Mitchell was a swell choice, since he's now no longer cluttering up the AHL ranks needed to give ice time to the likes of Joe Colborne.

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