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World Championship Bound?

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Today's links may be a bit bare-boned in terms of Leafs content, so if you've got anything you'd like added, toss it in the comments, and I'll add it later on this morning.

Of course, that isn't to say that the links we've got aren't interesting. Today's featured article is once again from the ever-clever James Mirtle, who tips his hat to CBC's Elliotte Friedman and puts together 10 thoughts about the Leafs. Numero uno on the list is an intriguing idea:


All 30 AHL clubs had to release their "clear day" lists yesterday of players who will be eligible to play in the playoffs in the minors, and while Keith Aulie was on the Leafs' list, James Reimer wasn't (as had originally been the plan). Leafs GM Brian Burke would only say yesterday that there were "several reasons" Reimer wasn't on their list, but I believe one likely is that he could be one of three goalies for Canada at the world championships in Slovakia. (If the Leafs don't make the playoffs, of course.)

As far as consolation if we miss the playoffs, getting to watch our best young goaltender perform at the "World's" this year wouldn't be a bad start.

Jump and have your say.

Leaf Links:

Losses leave Leafs with no margin for error
Mirtle points out that the Leafs are in pretty tough for a playoff spot, and that their so-called "power play" could be their downfall.

Is it time to hand out the Bickell Trophy?
I didn't even know that such a thing existed until I read this article over at Vintage Leaf Memories.

Glenn Anderson Interview
Check out the first part of this series over at 'Best Player In The World'.

Other Hockey Links:

Bettman accuses think tank of ‘game-playing’
The Commissioner believes Goldwater is dragging out the bond dispute in hopes Coyotes deal dies. Well duh.

Pass Charting
User geoffbok, over at Behind The Net tracks passing using his iPad.

Shockwaves from Pacioretty hit reach Parliament Hill
The Minister of Sports is talking about head shots. Was Chara's hit a head shot? Reprehensible perhaps, but I don't think we could call it a 'head shot', given the way this term has been used in the NHL rulebook so far.

Lowetide Radio
In the linked episode (via BtN) Hawerchuk is the featured guest. But I guess there are others that have been archived.

Wednesday's Three Stars
The latest installment from Wyshynski.


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