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It's not news to anyone following the Maple Leafs that one of their major problems since the lockout. This year has been no different as Jonas Gustavsson and Jean-Sebastien Giguere have failed to provide the Leafs with even replacement level goaltending.

Today's Noon Number is an easy one then. That is the number of extra goals that the Leafs would have allowed if Jonas Gustavsson or Jean-Sebastien Giguere had been in net rather than Optimus Reim. Their combined save percentage this year has been .895 which is atrocious no matter what you think of the Leafs' defensive effort. Over the 681 shots that James Reimer has faced that would represent an increas of 19 goals. All of that's obviously theoretical but with the rule of thumb that six goals equals one win that would put the Leafs down three wins or six points. Most glaringly, it would put them alongside the New York Islanders.