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Is The Grind Catching Up To Reimer?

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A few of our regular writers are wondering if James Reimer isn't getting a bit worn out playing every game, particularly after last night's unfortunate showing. Of course, defensive breakdowns were probably the biggest issue against the Lighting, and I don't think anyone really expected Reimer to continue to post a .930 save percentage working behind the Brett Lebda and Mike Komisarek defensive pairing, so I'm comfortable in saying that I don't think anyone here has been let down by his efforts.

Furthermore, it was only a matter of time before teams began to scout Reimer heavily, and find chinks in his armor, as Guy Boucher explains in this article from James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail:

"We were having problems scoring goals so we put a lot of emphasis on offence," Boucher said after the game. "We saw a lot of things [with Reimer], but we’re not going to share that. We worked really hard on that."

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