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Today's Noon Number is simple: that is the record that the Leafs need to hit 90 points which is likely what will make the playoffs. According to Sports Club Stats, the Leafs have a 1.7% chance of making the playoffs after last night's loss. Tonight's cheering guide shows just how bad the Leafs' situation is both in terms of the playoffs and of staying above the fray for the lottery:

  1. Atlanta 70 pts v. New Jersey 68 pts: Please just not a three-point game.
  2. Islanders 65 pts v. Rangers 76 pts: This is easy - go Islanders!
  3. Boston 85 pts v. Columbus 73 pts: Go Bruins. Eww.
  4. Philadelphia 91 pts. v. Florida 65 pts: Let's not blow it against Philly.
  5. Buffalo 76 pts. v. Carolina 72 pts: Just not a three-point game.

As the Leafs have been saying, there can't count on getting any favours from other teams but it sure would be nice once in a while.