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The Kids are Back in Town

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Reimer Story is Far From Finished - Jeff Blair from the Globe and Mail

There is reason to worry about James Reimer only if you buy into the notion that he is little more than lightning in a bottle, destined to be another manifestation of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ chronic inability to draft and develop their own goaltender.

This is what development looks like, replete with concern that the second time through is enough for opponents to have taken the measure of him. What’s the worry? This season is working out better than most observers imagined: a playoff tease and a chance to see how the kids respond in meaningful games, more so the case now that Nazem Kadri has been called up.

So yeah just chill out everyone will you? Thanks. More links after the jump

Leafs Links

The Leafs and Waiver Wire Limits

mf37 finds the one area in which he and Burke see eye to eye.

How Would MLSE Sale Change Canadian Media?

Puck the Media with a link and discussion on how this sale could shift power in the Canadian media market.

Gust in the Wind

Puckin' Eh with a great comparison piece between Reimer and Gustavsson. (Also of note, it's somewhat damning of Wilson and how he's used his young goalies this season.)

Game 70 Scoring Chances

Not even close for the Leafs after the MGK line.

The Colborne Effect and the Impact of Kadri

VLM was a big fan of the lack of attention given to Kadri. Was.

Scouting Reports: Nazem Kadri & Matt Lashoff

Gus Katsaros and Clayton Hansler give their thoughts on the Leafs' latest call-ups

Other Links

TLoES: Defensemen

Is a defensive defenseman capable of matching the value of an offensive defenseman? How might this be expressed statistically? The wisemen discuss.

More Angry Letters to Gary Bettman

DGB's spies have been hard at work finding more letters from unhappy sponsors.

Score Effect on Shooting Percentage

David Johnson with a great study into how game situations affect shooting percentage.

All-Star Draft Likely to Return

Reception was good so it looks like they're bringing it back.