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Houses of the Hockey Podcast Welcomes PPP

Gather your friends 'round and listen to the HOTH Podcast
Gather your friends 'round and listen to the HOTH Podcast

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Yesterday, I joined Scott Lewis, Rob Pizzo, and Scott Herkes on the Houses of the Hockey podcast. It was fun because I was able to go down to their studios to record it. If you're looking for good hockey podcasts, obviously you should be listening to the PPP Podcast, I would recommend Puck Daddy Radio and the HOTH Podcast. I'd love to hear any other suggestions. Those are the three I listen to consistently but I'd love to know about more.

This edition of the HOTH podcast is full of controversy. Before they bring in the closer the talk about the latest dirty hits, the league's reaction to the concussions issue, the possibility of NHL teams being held responsible for repeat offenders, their take on the corporations that spoke out about the Chara hit, and much more. Then, they get down to serious business:

  1. Jean-Sebastien Giguere, who I thought was starting last night, gets a new nickname "The Towel".
  2. If the miracle of miracles takes place, then Rob Pizzo has a lot of money going out the door to some confident (or foolish) colleagues.
  3. My take on some positives that Leafs fans can draw from this season.
  4. Some discussion on Clarke MacArthur's season and the possible contract he could draw. Spoiler: I hedge like crazy.
  5. The big question: Am I satisfied with this season?
  6. Pizzao worries about what will happen if the OTPP sells MLSE. We discuss possible buyers and I raise a possible dark horse.
  7. And finally, a quick discussion of David Nonis being named the Canadian GM for the entry to the Worlds and everyone's feelings about the tournament.