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Leafs at Panthers: Tim Brent Wants You To Drink

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7:30PM: Sportsnet Ontario
Jean-Sebastien Giguere vs. Scott Clemmensen

Tim Brent wants you to do something for him Leafs fans and I suggest you listen to him:

Someone have a couple green beers for us, and we will work on a couple points for all of us tonight in FLA! Happy St. Paddys Day! Cheers! - @brenter37

I'll pretend my beer is green, I'm not going to defile real beer with food coloring but for those of you drinking Molson, Coors or anything else that's piss yellow I'd suggest you take one for the team and help out Tim Brent here.

The Leafs are getting Scott Clemmensen instead of Tomas Vokoun tonight which is a positive, but while Clemmensen had an .889 SV% the last time he faced the Leafs the game still went to a shootout and Clemmensen's career SV% against Toronto is a .926.

Every game's a must win now and James Reimer likely has the night off to rest in advance of playing Boston on Saturday night. This could be Giguere's swan song as a Leaf especially since Gustavsson is just rotting in the press box. I thought Greg Brady made a good point last night:

If they're serious about resting the ONLY reason they're not 28th in the NHL this season, Wilson had better dress Gustavsson as backup. - @gregbrady71

If the Leafs are giving Reimer the night off let him actually have the night off.