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The blame game

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"Shame on me for playing a Stanley Cup winner, a Conn Smythe Trophy winner who's, up until he got injured, our No. 1 goalie," he said. "I haven't seen Reims score a goal yet or lead a 2-on-1 rush and the timing was perfect.

"We had a plan and I told everybody what the plan was last week, that Giggy was going to play in one of those back-to-back games. He did. But it wasn't Giggy's fault. We didn't generate anything. If we looked tired, it was the skaters up front from the fact we had to play seven [games] in 11 [nights] or seven in 12, something like that.

"We didn't really generate any offence at all and it had nothing to do with our goaltender."

Those were the words of Leafs Coach Ron Wilson (courtesy of the G&M) yesterday when asked why he played Jean-Sebastien Giguere over James Reimer and Jonas Gustavsson on Thursday night.  For what it's worth, the Leafs played like a big pile of crap in front of Giguere.  Who's to say they would have played better in front of Reimer?  Impossible to know, I guess.

Tonight, the Leafs return to Toronto for one of their final home games of the season against Tomas Kaberle and the Boston Bruins.  Reimer will be between the pipes, attempting to improve on his 2-1-2 HNIC record.  Could be an emotional night for a lot of Buds fans.  Links after the jump...

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