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Leafs Aren't Getting Any Help

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Leafs not getting any help getting a leg up on the competition.
Leafs not getting any help getting a leg up on the competition.

So last night didn't go so well for the Toronto Maple Leafs because the Sabres and Hurricanes both won their games, thus raising the 10th to 8th points gap back up to 6. This makes the already low chance that the Leafs would make the Playoffs even lower. Also on the bad news front, the Bruins beat the Senators which not only weakens the 1st rounder dealt for Kaberle, but helps Ottawa fall closer and closer to winning the draft lottery. Hopefully tonight proves far more kind to the Leafs, and with Reimer in net things are already looking better.

Wilson: Leafs to Roll with Reimer - Eat. Sleep. Leafs.

Ron Wilson gave his clearest indication yet that 22-year-old rookie James Reimer will carry the Leafs load in goal for the remainder of the season...

"All things being equal, it's going to be his ball the rest of the way as long we stay in the race," said Wilson, following Tuesday’s practice. "I think he's up to it."....

"It’s going to be a challenge for us to make the playoff, but it’s going to be a great experience especially for all our young guys."

If it's game time, it's going to be Reim time from here on out. More links after the jump.

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