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As anyone following the NHL even remotely can imagine, Maple Leafs fans are kind of interested in some kid named James Reimer. I'm not going to say that he single-handedly saved the Maple Leafs' year but mostly because I know that, contrary to media reports, James Reimer has used both hands to move the Leafs from second straight disaster to a long shot for the playoffs.

At the risk of making him the subject of every Noon Number - Do you know how many Leafs' rookie goalies have won nine games in their first year? - here is one more:

There have only been three rookie goalies from the 1995-96 season to pick up 13 wins in their inaugural season along with a save percentage above .920 and were under 25. Here's where Reimer's rookie season fits in thus far:

Rk Player Season Age Tm GP W L T/O SV% GAA SO
1 Henrik Lundqvist 2005-06 23 NYR 53 30 12 9 0.922 2.24 2
2 James Reimer 2010-11 22 TOR 28 15 7 4 0.922 2.59 2
3 Marty Turco 2000-01 25 DAL 26 13 6 1 0.925 1.90 3

Something to keep in mind is that Turco and Aebischer were playing on a couple of powerhouse teams when they put up their numbers. There's still a way to go but if Reimer can keep it up that's some good company among which to end his season.