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Leafs Sign Tyler Brenner

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Tyler Brenner via <a href="" target="new">Rochester Metromix</a>
Tyler Brenner via Rochester Metromix

Leafs sign forward Tyler Brenner to a two-year entry level contract. - @mirtle

Tyler Brenner was a junior playing for RIT this season in the NCAA. On their site he's listed as a 6'2" 200lb forward born in Linwood Ontario.

Year Age GP G A Pts NHLe G NHLe A NHLe Pts
08-09 20 38 14 21 35 18
27 45
09-10 21 33 15 11 26 17 13 30
10-11 22 37 26 15 41 15 8 23

Not too shabby. Essentially we'd expect this kid to be a 40 pt 15 goal player stepping into the NHL next year and to develop from there. Just as a comparison, here are Bozak and Hanson's 21 year old NCAA seasons:

GP G A Pts
Bozak 41 18 16 34
Hanson 47 13 9 22

So Tyler Brenner outproduced both of them in the NCAA as a freshman, though the ACA is an easier conference than the WCHA or CCHA. Tyler Brenner seems like a decent pickup. He's almost certainly Marlies bound and will get a good shot to make an impact with Nazem Kadri on the Leafs and Joe Colborne still a little slow after his concussion. Enjoy a video of his: