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Leafs Fed Up With Cooke, Headshots

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From a Jonas Siegel story:

"You look at that hit," said Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf. "it’s exactly what we’re saying has got to come out of the game. That’s the kind of hit that you don’t like to see. It was direct to the head and I’m sure [Cooke would] say the same thing."

"He’s deliberately trying to hurt someone there, no question," added Clarke MacArthur. "It’s the same guy—it’s the same name every time. Sick of seeing that guy do that.

"He’s a dangerous player for sure."

So Matt Cooke got suspended for 17 games, which I think is a completely appropriate response. Of course, if the NHL was really serious about this, they would have suspended him like this much earlier, but it's a start.

Follow me over the jump for lots more analysis our new prospect Tyler Brenner.

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