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Joining the Mile High Club

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Kulemin, Leafs Scratch Out Victory in Denver - Jonas Siegel 

"Little bit late I think," said Kulemin, with a chuckle.

Not their prettiest effort to be sure, the Leafs scratched and clawed their way to victory past an energetic Colorado bunch, winning the second game of a three-game road trip. Improving to 15-6-5 since the All-Star break, the resilient, young Leafs also pulled to within three points of Buffalo for the final playoff spot with seven games to go, including a make-or-break affair against the Sabres next week.

Next up though is a date with the powerhouse Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena on Saturday.

"You scoreboard-watch a little bit and you hope and pray that other teams help you out," said Reimer, "but all you can control is what you do and how you play and what you do on the ice. Right now we’re just trying to focus in here and take care of our business and hopefully we can squeak in there."

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