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Like The Ending of Rocky

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Good fight. Embarrassing at first, but an impressive surge at the end got the crowd involved and made a name for themselves. Ultimate the belt wasn't to be theirs, but at least people know they're now a legitimate gamer.

Leafs Left Licking Their Wounds - James Mirtle

Playoff dreams often go to Detroit to die.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ likely did just that this past weekend, as after landing in Motown on Friday afternoon only three points from the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and optimistic they could claw closer, Toronto is an overwhelming seven points back with six games to play.


"What are you going to do?" coach Ron Wilson added. "There’s still plenty of time."

Even if Toronto now runs the table, however, the picture is pretty grim.

Sports probability website gives the Leafs only a 0.42-per-cent chance of making the playoffs, with that figure rising to 29 per cent should they win their final six games in regulation.

I'd make a Star Wars reference here about why you should never tell me the odds but Mirtle, aka C3PO, has it right here. Time for Burke to plug in the coordinates of a playoff team into the navacomputer this off season and finally come out with a working solution. More links after the jump.

Merrimack's Stephane Da Costa

Chemmy looks at the NCAA free agent and why he should be signed by the Leafs immediately.

Three Game Western Road Swings Comes up Short

Sure it sucks, but budBlog feels this year's last run is different than others.

Leafs Stall in Motor City

ITB&WB looks back at the Wings game and likes what he saw.

5 Reasons to be Psyched About Next Season's Leafs

Toronto Mike likes the improvements made this year.

The Return of Lebderp and The Kids are Alright

Puckin' Eh with something bad and something good.

Getting to Know Alyn McCauley

My drinking buddy gives an interview.

Game 76 Scoring Chances

Slava Duris with the numbers from the Detroit game.

TML Legends: John Anderson and Russ Adam

Anderson, a home town boy picked ahead of Mike Bossy. Sigh.

A Night at the ACC Sure; but is Mats Sundin a HHOFer?

Uh oh, not this debate again.