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It Ain't Over Til' It's Over

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Did someone forget to wind the Deathclock? I noticed it didn't move at all after last night. What's that? The Leafs beat the Sabres? BOOYAH!! 

Animal House: Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor (via CQblogger)

Who You Gonna Call? Grabbo. - Vintage Leaf Memories

It’s funny, when the Sabres bounced back to score two quick goals to tie the game Tuesday night at 3, I looked at Mikhail Grabovski on his next shift on the ice and wondered if he was the guy the Leafs needed to steal this one back.

Interestingly, I didn’t think immediately about Kessel, but rather Grabbo.  Now yes, it was Kessel who made the play to spring #84, but it just showed me how much I have, as a fan, come half-circle since the beginning of the season.  At the end of last season, when I projected who would and wouldn’t be here this season, I opined that Grabovski would not even be with the team this season, and if he was here, he would not be an important guy.

Wrong, and wrong.

Michael has seen the light and is now a certified Grabbo lover. He's on pace to be a 30-30 1st/2nd line center in the NHL. That's all kinds of awesome. More Leafs links after the jump. 

Leafs Links

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