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Captain Comeback

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Lost amidst the Leafs playoff push has been the sudden resurgence of captain Dion Phaneuf's offensive game.  After scoring only 18 points in his first 55 games as a Leaf, Phaneuf has 12 in his last 20.  Even stranger, he's done so without feasting on the powerplay.  Has he been jumping into the play more and taking a little off his one-timer?  It would certainly seem so.  Just don't ask Dion, who claims his rediscovered offense is simply due to improved health (according to James Mirtle's article yesterday):

I don't think I've changed anything to be completely honest with you," Phaneuf said. "I definitely feel better on the ice. I feel I'm moving the way I used to ... That was the first serious [injury] I've ever had and it was definitely different coming back. You lose a bit of a step.

Whatever the reason, the Leafs will need Phaneuf to continue producing offense from the blueline, especially in the absence of Tomas Kaberle.

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