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Lazy Monday

Not a whole heck of a lot happened yesterday on the ol' Barikosphere so here be your links without the pomp and circumstance.

All Hail Megatron

Friends of the blog HOCKEE NIGHT with their recap of Saturday's game.

Leafs Still Have a Mountain to Climb

Even with the current success, it's still a long shot for the playoffs. That being said....

How the Leafs Can Make the Playoffs

Hint: Good play from Reimer and a lot of help from other teams. That being said....

Why the Leafs Won't Be in the Playoffs

Hint: Bad play from Reimer and no help from other teams.

Toronto Star Blog Links Past to Present for Leafs Fans

VLM wants you all to read the excellent blog at The Star.

NHL GMs Irked by Leaked Trades

Burke and others hate that the media breaks trades before they're finalized.

Jason Demers Does What We All Wish We Could Do

Throws a right cross hard into a linesman's face.