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Today's Noon Number is the Maple Leafs' record post-lockout when Don Koharski is on the ice using simple wins and losses. Plen was kind enough to compile the stats for the post-lockout seasons minus the current one. You can find the full spreadsheet here and it contains some interesting numbers:

  • Greg Devorski's taken control of 48 Maple Leafs games. In those games, the Leafs have a .500 record.
  • The Leafs have only won 9 of Kevin Pollock's 30 games even though he's called more penalties against the Leafs' opponents by about 1 penalty a game.
  • Among referees that have reffed the Leafs more than 10 times, Mike Hasenfratz has called the most penalties on the Leafs per game at 7.7.
  • On the flip side, he also calls the most penalties per game against the Leafs' opponents with 7.9 per game.
  • And our pal Kerry Fraser? He's done a good job of masking his hatred of the Maple Leafs with a .500 record.

So pop in the spreadsheet and see if you find anything else that might be interesting. Also, enjoy this requisite referee video: