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Win. Win. Win. Win.

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James Mirtle? Win. Mikhail Grabovski? Win. Grabbo love? Win. Insanity quotes? Win.

Exhibit A:

There, for the past six years, he has had a large tattoo that depicts himself as a young hockey player in full equipment with a woman’s face looking over him.

It’s not something he regrets getting.

"It’s an angel," he said. "My special angel."

Exhibit B:

"Crosbovski," Armstrong said. "Lately I’ve been calling him that. Like a Russian Sidney Crosby. He’s been a great player for us. He’s sick. Every game, the way he plays, he’s fearless, relentless."

Exhibit C:

"I feel like I’m still growing [as a player]," Grabovski said. "I have more experience. I’m stronger, in the head."

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Leaf Links:

Reimer aims to bounce back
"That night, I went home and I PVR'd the game and so I watched it a little bit and went over the goals and the saves," he said. "Saw what I could have done or what bounces happened. If I could have done anything. And just tried to forget about it." From Mirtle.

Lupul Feeling More Like Old Self

Jonas Siegel has the interview. I have to say, I like what I've seen of Lupul so far, and I think a full training camp will do him some good.

Maple Leafs Jersey Flowchart
Everybody seems to be making flow charts these days. Over at MLHS, Daniel Santos has made a pretty good one about which player name you should have on your jersey. Mine's Kaberle.

Remembering those wonderful old-time hockey calendars
We hung onions on our belts, as was the fashion at the time.

Looking at the Eastern Race. Again.
Vance over at Bangin' Panger has a look at the combined strength of our remaining opponents.


Other Hockey Links:

Matthew Hulsizer running out of patience with Coyotes
Coyotes buyer wants bond wrangling resolved in ‘weeks,’ not months. Dave Shoalts has the story.

Is Winnipeg a viable NHL market? - The Globe and Mail
The Globe's trots out several of its Sports reporters to give their opinions. 

Lowetide: Clear Day
Lowetide thinks that hockey needs more colorful slang and terms to describe play. I completely disagree. We have a Pierre Maguire for that, and it's the worst part of his work. "Monster", "net presence", and "puck management" are just three of his well-known catch phrases that should be banned from the airwaves.

Blame the New Rules for run of concussions?
A Hall-of-Famer thinks attempt to speed up the game could be behind the head injuries. Sounds like a Don Cherrianesque argument.

Building an NHL Playoff Betting Model - Behind The Net
Do you like gambling? Are you a math nerd? This article is for you!

Monday's Three Stars
Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy brings us a few notes and videos.

Fight Video
Jared Boll and Cam Janssen throw bombs at each other for over a minute and a half. From Wyshynski.

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