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Time for an Assistant Coaching Change?

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Not to be outdone by Daryl Boyce, Tim Brent shows off the skills he learned as a former Rockette.
Not to be outdone by Daryl Boyce, Tim Brent shows off the skills he learned as a former Rockette.

Well last night saw the Leafs give a lackluster effort in a must win game, something that's become all too common for the Toronto Maple Leafs since the lockout. They way in which they are able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is mind boggling both in its method and frequency. Chalk it up to this being a young and inexperience team if you will, but seeing it repeated ad nauseam going back to when this team was made up of veterans really makes an outside observer wonder if the players are even the problem at all. This of course turns the focus onto the coach, Ron Wilson.

Ron Wilson is a great hockey coach. His record speaks for itself. Now I'm not going to get into things like "the game has passed him buy" "he can't communicate with the younger players" or whatever. But I will say that it seems like when this team most desperately needs a fire lit under their collective ass, he forgets when he put the matches. But hold on there for a minute, coaching, just like playing, is a team effort. Wilson has a team of 3 assistants along with him to get the team doing what it should. With only 3 players remaining since his arrival, the turnover on the bench has been overwhelming to say the least. Is it time for some turnaround behind the bench as well, at least perhaps for an assistant coach?

Why Doug Gilmour Could be a Future Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs - Jeff Blay of the Hockey Writers

It’s no surprise that "killer" is loved by fans across Leafs Nation, and what better way to generate some positive media for the club than have a fan favourite and long-time Leaf captain man the bench. At the same time, with people unimpressed of his current coaching track record, it could tarnish his reputation knowing the Toronto media.

Seeing Gilmour coach many games in the OHL has proven to me how passionate and knowledgeable Gilmour remains to be of his preferred sport, and although he has received some criticism in Kingston, there’s no question the energy he can bring to the table while coaching a team.

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