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Four Things to do in the Last Four Games

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Last night the Leafs got it done by repeatedly coming back against the Boston Bruins to force OT and later a shootout where Nazem Kadri did what he does best, besting Tim Thomas with a sick shootout move. This moves the Leafs up to 82 points on the season with 4 games left to play. In the span of those four games, I have four things I'd like to see the Leafs accomplish before the season ends.

1) I want Phil Kessel and Mikhail Grabovski to each get their 30th goal. This would extend Phil's 30 goal streak to 3 seasons, leaving the door open for Jarome Iginla like comparisons in the future. And for Grabbo it might finally shut up his detractors and those saying the Leafs don't have a #1 center.

2) I want Clark MacArthur and Grabovski to reach the 60pt mark. Why? So the Leafs can boast having three 60 point players, the hallmark of a good team.

3) I want Keith Aulie to finish as a plus player. Right now, he sits at a -1 due to a poor showing the first go around and has been much better since. He's going to be a stalwart on the blue line for years and I don't want his playing on a poor Leafs team to tarnish his record.

4) I want the Leafs to win all of their remaining four games.

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