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I'm So Excited; I'm So Scared

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Whatever I could say, Mike at Vintage Leaf Memories has already said it better.

10 Reasons Why Leaf Fans Can Feel Either Encouraged or Discouraged Heading Into Next Season

1. The team, as currently configured, has become a team that is hard to play against.  There are very few teams that are 'out of reach' for the Leafs, especially in the East where there is so much parity and talent-thin rosters everywhere.

2. For the first time in 20 years, the Leafs have a young goalie who has emerged, with the mental make-up to handle the adversity that he will no doubt face next season and beyond.  Reimer is the closest thing that we have had in net to unflappable in a long time.  (Even the veterans Belfour and Cujo could lose their cool, as we well remember.)

3. A young defense corps with four emerging players all 26 and under—Schenn, Phaneuf, Aulie and Gunnarsson, with Gardiner perhaps waiting in the wings before too long.  There is an almost ideal mix of skating skill, toughness and puck-moving ability.


Check back in later for the PPP Playoff Prognostication Pool.

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