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Mission Possible: Help Right To Play, Save Chemmy And Lambert

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Two of these guys will drive us insane if we don't buy them. The other's already sold his soul for Cups.
Two of these guys will drive us insane if we don't buy them. The other's already sold his soul for Cups.


Chemmy's hobbies include cutting edge cooking techniques, his pug Wendel, and creating mayhem on the internet. Last year, he helped galvanize support in Phoenix with the advent of the Throw The Snake craze. Yesterday, despite all appearances to the contrary, he proved that he has a heart. He announced that the latest playoff blogging venture he'd launch would be to team up with noted asshole when writing about your team Ryan Lambert (aka @twolinepass) and a team of guest bloggers to raise money for charity. Sounds great no?

Not quite. Leafs fans, it is time to band together and start pooling money to keep @felixpotvin and @twolinepass from the Canucks. Right now, the forces of evil are amassing a war chest in order to make the kind of bold move that Mike Gillis would never consider: hiring Chemmy and Lambert. Can you imagine having to read those two pumping the Canucks' tires? Writing posts praising the virtues of Alex Burrows and Ryan Kesler? Do you remember the site they made during the World Juniors?!

No, this cannot stand. I am asking you, in the finest traditions of this generous community, to remember the spirit of Haiti and pledge dollars to Right To Play. Right To Play is a wonderful children's charity that works "to improve the lives of children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace."

 Win or lose, we'll support this wonderful charity and I'll post the total of our surely generous donation. But if enough of us can get behind this mission we will be able to tell Chemmy, Lambert, and their cadre of guest bloggers to write about whatever team we want.

I will get the ball rolling with $50. I'll collect donations so that we can win the E-Bay auction. If you want to help save us all from uncontrolled Chemmy and Lambert, you can send an e-mail money transfer (pensionplanpuppets at gmail dot com) if you are in Canada or PayPal to that same address.